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Sell your property for a fixed fee with Aspire Estate Agents

Fixed fee pricing at Aspire Estate Agents

At Aspire Estate Agents our pricing structure and packages are designed to offer you the best value possible, whilst at the most competitive prices in the local area. Aspire Estate Agents represents value, honesty, transparency and simplicity and our fixed fee pricing structure encompasses our values. Sell your property with Aspire Estate Agents at the most competitive prices on the market, benefiting from all the standard estate agent perks, and some added extras too.

The pricing table below shows the fixed fee pricing structure you will benefit from in selling your property with Aspire Estate Agents. Further down the page you will find a calculator that will show you the price of selling your home including any stamp duty, conveyancing and associated fees so you can plan ahead.

Fixed Fee Pricing Table

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Calculate the cost of selling your property

The cost of selling a home will vary depending on the sale price of the property and the professionals you employ to help you through the process. Aspire Estate Agents calculator below shows you exactly what it will cost to sell your property with us.

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Property Price

{{salePrice | currency('£', 0)}}

Costs include:
Solicitor/Conveyancing fees estimate: {{totalCostComponents .conveyancingFee | currency('£', 0)}}
Stamp duty fees: {{totalCostComponents.stampDutyFee | currency('£', 0) }}
Aspire Estate Agent Fixed Fee: {{totalCostComponents.agentFee | currency('£', 0)}}
Standard Check fees (Estimated £150)

Total Cost: {{totalCost | currency('£', 0)}}